The Tavan Sanat Parts and Service Department is staffed by factory-trained technicians with access to a comprehensive stock of parts for prompt service calls and the ability to fix the problem the first time. With their factory-certified training, our service technicians are extremely familiar with all the components of every Tavan sanat Crane so most problems can be fixed on site.


Main features:

  • High accuracy regulations up to 5000d for scales class III
  • Stainless steel, welded seal construction, protection to IP68
  • Hostile or clean environment
  • Tension & compression measurements, compatible with REM/REN & TEA tension hardware
  • Hazardous area approved to Ex ib II CT4
  • Available Options:
    -Service temperature range up to 120℃ [248 ℉]
    -available with metric and UNC threads
    -6-wire circuit



Main features:

  • Equivalent to NTEP regulations up to 1:5000 for class III Single Cell
  • Suitable for use under conditions of tension and compression
  • Compatible with other sources
  • Explosion proof version (Ex ib II CT4)
  • Protection to IP67
  • Available Options:
    -Service temperture range up to 120℃ [248℉]
    -6-wire ciruit
    -Stainless steel



Main features:

  • AC-276EH 5,000kg…100,000kg
  • Patent design, No.:ZL02 2 04610.0
  • Load cells and mounting aids made from alloy steel or stainless steel
  • Small size, low profile
  • Small deflection, the compact stainless steel construction and a structural integrity capable of withstanding extraneous loads are all unique features of the 276EH series.
  • High permissible dynamic load
  • IP67 Protection
  • Hazardous area approved to Ex ib ll CT4
  • Available options:
    -Service temperature range up to 120℃ [248℉]
    -6-wire circuit
    -Stainless steel