Parnyan Control Equipment Co. in 1997 in the field of design and manufacture of measuring and automation equipment in the country. The company has been established with the aim of increasing productivity in companies and industrial units through the promotion of safety. Parnyan Co., with the needs of various industries and the potential of increasing the efficiency and safety in the equipment sector, has been importing industrial equipment and automation equipment in the field of material handling equipment.

The main activity of this company in the field of trading and import of industrial remote controllers is one of the best manufacturers in the world, and the remote controls are fully in line with the latest industry standards of the world.

Parnyan has continued to grow its own import and service facilities in the field of explosive devices. Explosive equipment is in accordance with ATEX or EX standard and IECEX International Standard. Explosive equipment is suitable for oil, gas and petrochemical industries, pharmaceuticals, dyeing, cement factories, chemical industry, etc.


Remote controls have the following valid credentials:

  • C.E.
  • F.C.C.
  • RSS210.
  • R & TTE.
  • L.V.D.